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Good Health, Inside and Out

Located in Independence, Oregon, Ash Creek Chiropractic & Wellness Center offers relief from back and extremity pain, and focuses on wellness for the whole body. Dr. Mark Diaz understands that the human body functions as a whole, not as individual pieces, and works to bring his patients' bodies back into a healthy, pain-free balance.

Chiropractic Care

Who needs chiropractic care? All the statistics today indicate that chiropractic care is beneficial to almost everyone. Many people live with pain every day, and don't realize how much relief they would gain from chiropractic treatment. Read more...


Ash Creek Chiropractic & Wellness Center is concerned not only about your immediate pain or injury, but also in the projected overall health of your entire body. Dr. Diaz takes the time to interview his patients thoroughly in order to better determine the underlying causes of their pain. Read more . . .