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About Ash Creek Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Mark settled in Independence, Oregon in 2007, and opened his practice on Main St. on March 8, 2008. Over the years, Dr. Mark has come to realize that his job is not only to help with pain and dysfunction, but, ultimately, to help his patients fathom the reasons behind the dysfunction. Dr. Mark teaches through photos and illustrations so patients have an understanding about what is going on within their bodies. He strives to help answer the questions: “WHY is this happening,” “HOW did it happen?” and “WHAT can we do to fix it?”     (Click here for more.)

Dr. Mark has an innate enthusiasm to learn and grow. He is never idle in his pursuit of knowledge and understanding of his patients and their needs. He has a natural ability to see the inner workings of the body and the mechanics behind the function or dysfunction of particular areas. Dr. Mark has developed a system called Biomechanical Integrative Balancing. It is a way to functionally assess the body’s natural gait biomechanics through integrative neuromuscular kinesiology and neurology. This process is accomplished through working, energetic, integrative, responsive, and disciplined actions, or W.E.I.R.D. It allows him to quickly analyze the body’s response to sequencing actions and then assess the correct course of treatment.

In addition, Dr. Mark excels in extremity adjusting. This includes the movement and function of the jaw/TMJ, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, and feet. His desire to provide his patients with the best possible care keeps him studying, researching, and investigating new tools and therapies. He attends numerous hours of continuing education so that he may better understand the characteristics of each area of the body. He sees extremity adjusting as a challenge—one to master in order to improve his patients’ comfort and functionality.

About Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark grew up near San Jose, California, and was a competitor in spring board diving and gymnastics. After high school, he majored in sports medicine and worked with athletes in their training. In 1992, Dr. Mark re-entered Santa Rosa Jr. College to pursue a degree in Chiropractics. Upon graduating in 1997 with an A.S. Degree, Dr. Mark continued on to Life Chiropractic College West, where he was granted a full doctorate of Chiropractic in 2002.     (Click here for more.)

Dr. Mark currently lives in Independence, Oregon with his lovely wife, Rhonda, and his step-son, Eric. He enjoys working with wood and has built custom pieces for the office. Dr. Mark loves his barbecue (smoking them ribs) and enjoys firing up the grill for friends and family. He has been involved in various community events such as Special Olympics, physician for the Law Enforcement for Youth Football, 2011 Golf Scramble Tournament, Law Enforcement for Youth Fun Run, and the Ghost Walk.

About Andrea Holliday

In 2005, Andrea and her husband made the move from Arizona to Oregon. The chose to relocate in Independence, after loving the look, feel and atmosphere of this little town. She has been Dr. Mark’s office manager since 2010.    (Click here for more.)

She first began as a patient of Ash Creek Chiropractic Center, suffering from chronic knee and foot problems. With Dr. Mark’s help, her lifestyle has become more active since then. Andrea has begun Martial Arts training and Tai Chi classes, and is an avid swimmer

Andrea has been involved in the Western Days events, IDA (Independence Downtown Association), the Ghost Walk and various other activities.

She keeps up on her chiropractic adjustments to keep her moving!

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